Chicken Fat follows the journey of Will Elder from his youth when he was known as “Meshuggenah Villy” to his days as one of the funniest artists who ever lived. His youthful practical jokes and mayhem became the template for MAD magazine, which he co-created along with Harvey Kurtzman and Bill Gaines. His unique view of the world found its way onto the pages of some of the most influential social commentary comics and magazines in the last half of the 20th Century. Titles like MAD, Trump, Humbug, Help and Playboy. His fundamentally Yiddish perspective went on to influence and inspire generations of comic artists, comedians, producers and directors that followed. Plus he created a prolific array of Fine Art during his life. See the private life of the reclusive Elder and find out that the craziest artist of recent time was one of the most brilliant, down-to-earth, humble humans who ever strode the planet! View the documentary participants and see some of Elder’s work in our gallery.

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